About Us


Movies on Glass originally started just with a Godfather glass, our founder Johnny was said to look a bit like The Godfather and so in his retirement he had the idea one day of creating The Godfather & Godmother glasses for fun and unique gifts.

All the products you see on our site are all licensed products that come with certificates of authentication and are original designs.   

As an Engineer he started sourcing the best US companies to help him create his collections.  All our glasses are hand made in Reno, Nevada.  Quality is very important to Johnny and that is one of the reasons he wanted to make sure the glasses were made in the USA instead of overseas. All of our glasses are still made by hand in the USA.  

We have two different types of glasses, for our hand etched glasses here is a video that show you the process that your glass goes through.  

We also added in some color print glasses, with our rock band set there were some logos and images we felt fit better with this medium. Those digitally printed glasses use epoxy based ink that is baked into the glass making it super durable and dishwasher safe. Again Johnny found the best quality so your color won't fade over time or scratch off. 

All our glasses are dishwasher safe and in fact, our founder Johnny has washed his three-year-old Quark's Bar beer glass (pictured below) in over 1000 dishwasher cycles.  It still looks brand new!  We mentioned quality was very important.


When it comes to shipping glasses there are chances things may break, so if your glass arrives broken not a problem just reach out to use Support@MoviesOnGlass.com or 1-775-236-4493 and we will ship you another one right away, for no additional charge.  

If you are an international visitor you might notice we only ship within the USA, that is because we found with international shipping orders kept showing up broken. Until we can find the best way to make sure that most of the orders show up in tact, we will unfortunately not be shipping outside the USA.